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Category: demonic

An ALDI-esque look back on 2017

I don't get 'ALDI'. You know the German supermarket chain that sells an eclectic assortment of items? So yep, that's what 2017 feels like – a motley variety-store style year.

Sooner or later

I saw a movie on Netflix recently with a stellar tagline: You’re different. Sooner or later, Different scares people.

Time folds

Mid-last month, while in a meeting with colleagues, I heard a distinctive voice I recognised.

Who am I in business with?

Life is about contracts.  Rather than the legal kind – notarised or witnessed with a signature on paper, I mean all those little agreements you use or enter into throughout […]

Hello? who’s there?

Based on my experience dealing with the powers, entities, spirits, the demonic, etc and seeing what they’re capable of, at least I know what I’m not dealing with.

2016: Getting my attention

2016 for me, wasn’t a year of death and loss like so many of my friends and colleagues seemed to experience it. For me, it was a year full of […]