Image: The ABCs of Death, produced by Ant Timpson and Tim League of Drafthouse Films and Timpson Films, 2012

Dancing with the Daemonic

Four principles that work to inform, ground and integrate my understanding and practice. Self at centre, not for the collective, check physicality and Karma’s a crock.


Sayid and the Gate Keeper

This past weekend, I visited ‘Rookwood‘. This is the largest Necropolis in the southern hemisphere and it is a short 24 minutes drive away.

An ALDI-esque look back on 2017

I don't get 'ALDI'. You know the German supermarket chain that sells an eclectic assortment of items? So yep, that's what 2017 feels like – a motley variety-store style year.

Sooner or later

I saw a movie on Netflix recently with a stellar tagline: You’re different. Sooner or later, Different scares people.

Time folds

Mid-last month, while in a meeting with colleagues, I heard a distinctive voice I recognised.

The feather

The stuff of recognising significance is part of the skill of discernment. The ability to judge well. What is meaningful or relevant and what is not.

‘on my watch’

Lately I’ve been surrounded by friends and acquaintances facing final phases of life.

Not so far out of the ballpark

A few months back in a Facebook group I responded to a discussion about the difference between experiencing alternate realities or other dimensions and just ‘going crazy’ – ultimately asking […]

Who am I in business with?

Life is about contracts.  Rather than the legal kind – notarised or witnessed with a signature on paper, I mean all those little agreements you use or enter into throughout […]

Babysitting not required

“The work of the lone practitioner is very hard…and truely puts you on the path of powerful magic. Nothing is done for you, you are not babysat through your training, […]

30 days of … (Part 1)

Back in February, I decided to participate in the 30 Day Challenge run by Andrieh Vitimus. Participants had February to plan and research their project, and then start in March. […]

Hello? who’s there?

Based on my experience dealing with the powers, entities, spirits, the demonic, etc and seeing what they’re capable of, at least I know what I’m not dealing with.

2016: Getting my attention

2016 for me, wasn’t a year of death and loss like so many of my friends and colleagues seemed to experience it. For me, it was a year full of […]