I am privileged to have a personal experience of interacting with the spirits, disincarnate and demonic on daily basis for over 40 years. I’ve lived in a tribal village in the far north-east Thailand, Kanchanaburi and Chiang Mai Thailand; Palmerston North, New Zealand; Townsville, Queensland Australia; and since 1991 here in Sydney, Australia.

I acknowledge practitioners like Stephanie Connolly and the community at Demonolatry.org, and Sorceress Cagliastro who influence and support my practice.

I am influenced by Andrieh Vitimus and the crazy good Magical30 – a challenge to do a practice for 30 days straight and record the process daily via #domagick hashtag online.

Some of the cool-kids’ spaces (real life pagans, priests, witches, demonolators, sorcerers, spirit workers, shamans, magicians, occultists living and active in the world today):

updated 8 January 2018