dancing with the Daemonic

Four principles that work to inform, ground and integrate my understanding and practice.

Karma is a Krock

My observation of the notion of karma or at least the Western understanding of it as some kind of ‘cosmic justice system‘, keeps people who believe in it stuck in freeze frame of passivity. It’s a mean notion. Harsh, cruel even dangerous.

Karma pays zero attention to the scorecard. Good things happen to ‘bad’ people and bad things happen to ‘good’ people all the time. The universe/God/god/Spirit, whatever your term, keeps no tab.

Karma is not going to ride in on a white horse to my rescue, or anyone else’s for that matter. Without the Shot-Caller of Karma, as a conscious Sorcerer I realised the playing field is tilted to my advantage. In saying that, if I choose to take action, I focus on worthy targets. The mean, the malevolent or malicious.

Once I realised I’m not governed or threatened by the idea of Karma, the demonic moved onto the next principle of ‘Self at Centre’.

Put your Self at the center

This principle was challenging for me. I unexpectedly stumbled over notions from my time in fundamentalist evangelical Christianity that I thought I’d left behind long gone.

When injustice knocked at the door and I was staring malice in the face, I turned to conscious sorcery. In each case, I observed three separate times for revision, and each time the individual had come up with identical actions or intensified their effort. So I took action.

Each time resulted in a successful outcome.

When I teased out the common factor, each action placed my Self at the centre. I don’t need to coat the work with any warrant or validation to justify my needs or actions. Putting myself at the center of the work accomplished more and created an honourable alignment.

I knew what I needed, when I was compromised and when I’d had enough.

Not for the collective

The second part of this lesson, was a tough one. Humbling. Thought provoking.

There was info I’d received that included people I knew, and I thought it was for them.


Not all the messages I receive is for the collective.

It took me way too long to understand the principle that the majority of messages or information I receive are simply a ‘heads up’ for me in the dance of life and nothing more. In retrospect, this sounds really simple. This principle is also related to the stuff of partnership and connection with the entities I work with.

Each time I shared it, I was ignored, blown off, or dismissed. It took me way too long to realise when I offered these keys to other people, unless they are fully contracted to the interaction, it will be dismissed. Even when things turn out the way I’ve seen or said.

While the info was solid and it manifested true, not all messages are for the collective!

Manage your physicality

Full contact sport – “a sport in which the participants necessarily come into bodily contact with one another with injuries.”

This last one is something I’ve been reluctant to speak about, until I read some of the work of Josephine McCarthy. Interacting with the spirits (or in my case the demonic), includes physical effects and sometimes can feel like a full contact sport.

When I describe my interaction with the demonic as more ‘contact sport’ than not, it’s not about punishment or retribution. It’s not the stuff of payback or evil intent. It’s nothing to do with abuse or violence. Black and white, good and bad is for kids. We’re not children. In my experience, these physical effects are often part and parcel of the interaction.

It’s been my experience, Daemonic contact is foreign. Demonic energy is alien to me. I’m aware my physical form is interacting with a foreign energy, foreign tongue, and foreign paradigms that challenge me at every level.

It’s the feeling when people say ‘I’m coming down with something’, just before a cold hits, or similar to the flu-like symptoms of body ache and fatigue, general malaise, sometimes fever or headaches. Except without the cough, congestion, runny or stuffy nose, or sore throat.

So far, Josephine McCarthy offers the most practical information that I’ve found that fits with my personal experience, along with recommendations, suggestions and ideas to deal with this type of fallout from working in this space.

While Josephine is not a demonalator per se, I find her words and experience still relatable. She talks about these effects through a magical lens and perspective in terms of powers, filters and balance:

“…if you know that in reality it is only the power passing through you, it does not knock you out of whack…A normal healthy body takes about two days to recover from a major…working. The body will need food, rest, warmth and relaxation. The mind will need quiet, and plenty of mental ‘chewing gum’ to entertain but not tax the mind. Things start to come back online after a day or two…”

Magic of the Northgate pp 23, 25

Now that I understand something of the potential physical effects of foreign energies after ritual or workings, I plan for possible fallout, exhaustion or strange energies and physical adjustment. Getting an early night before and after ritual helps. A mid-week ritual means I plan for a late start at the office the next morning. I have planned ritual workings early on a long weekend to mitigate some of this stuff.

These are just four principles which guide my integration of the non-physical with the physical.  As each influences and relates to the other and vice versa, I ground my practice with reality.

22 May 2018