raising the bar

“…excellence in spiritual matters requires a combination of ability, opportunity, and dedicated practice.’’
John Becket, No more crayon drawings on the refrigerators of Mount Olympus

As a practitioner, I interpret the word ‘practice’ as another word for ‘relationship’.

My understanding of, action and impact on the world around me manifests from my practice or the quality of my relationship to the entities I interact with.

Like John:

“I want my devotions to be as deep as they can be, I want my experiences of the Gods and spirits to be as strong as they can be, and I want my magic to be as powerful as it can be.”

I value adding quality into everything I do. I ‘strive for excellence’.

It is not perfectionism, or a place of identifying any fault or problems. It’s a primary attitude that uses persistence. It’s about cultivating and nourishing a passion about this relationship.

I am passionate about everything to do with the daemonic. I enjoy their contact, communication and their powerful presence. Whenever any one of them are in my space, I am instantly and undeniably aware of their presence.

I’m drawn to them, and find it very difficult to juggle their presence alongside any mundane realities of life that might be happening at the same time. When I am aware of their presence and am overwhelmed with the reality of presence and I feel a heightened level of energy I can only describe as ‘passion’.

I cultivate this focus. I won’t ‘down play’ or ‘dismiss’ it with any ‘explanation’. I follow my deeply felt sense of this awareness and validate it with self-discipline. Each time I notice my experience and awareness of my day-to-day life has shifted, I am on ‘high-alert’.

At these moments, I have been asked, “where are you?”

I ask myself – Where am I? What do I see? What has changed?

These questions locate myself in conventional reality, locate my reality in comparison to the field* and locate my experience in truth. They confirm, fortify and nourish my practice (relationship).  In this way I remain proactive and cultivate my ability, skill and self-discipline.

I am aware the demonic spirits I am in daily contact with continually raise the bar.

I welcome this expectation and recognise it as evidence of an interactive relationship.

17 Jan 2018

* Aiden Wachter’s use of the term ‘the field’: “…the world itself and its visible and invisible structures and inhabitants, which all together I refer to as the Field.”