An ALDI-esque look back on 2017

I don’t get ‘ALDI’. You know the German supermarket chain that sells an eclectic assortment of items? A 10 kilo bag of potatoes next to night vision goggles, 4 litres of pre-wash Stain Remover and orange traffic cones?

So yep, that’s what 2017 feels like – a motley variety-store style year. This ALDI-esque look back over 2017 is my attempt to make sense of it.

The only overall theme I reach for at the moment, is this was my second year where I’ve stepped up to take more responsibility around my relationship with the entities I’ve been referring to as ‘spirits’ or ‘Spirit’ and now recognise are Daemonic. It’s also the second year I’ve committed to act in a more conscious way, rather than the unconscious (and more dangerous) way I have been so far in my life.

I’m sharing this reflection with just enough detail to turn a narrative without getting bogged down in unnecessary stories, to highlight how useful it can be to track your path, however odd or eclectic it appears.

In January, the big picture item was the Bones came home. I started separate alters for the Demonic and the Disincarnate, got another tattoo and started working with a demon called Agares.

Over February, I realised the black mirror I’d been attempting to experiment with and use for god-knows-what, was a portal. I live with a couple of permanently open portals already, so what’s a third? I have an unexpected experience of unconscious sorcery leveled at me, which was resolved quickly.

By March I sign up for Andrieh Vitimus’ #30DayChallenge and I choose to work with 30 Days of conversation with Disincarnate. I am simultaneously smitten with the character I discover and am a little ‘freaked out’ how easy it is to have the conversation. The ‘Death-Walker’ Stephen Jenkinson visits Australia and I have an odd experience of both Disincarnate and Demonic interacting in the same space – and an odder experience with the newly acquainted Agares in the audience.

Lessons of sorcery start up again in April and I’m asked to ‘observe’ space rather than ‘hold space’. I read up on the physics ‘double-slit’ experiment and discover observation affects phenomenon, if not outcome (the jury is still out on that one). In May ‘Project Amplify’ is reactivated and I reach a turning point around some illusions I’d been maintaining.

By June I’m looking at themes of illness, sickness and contagion. I can’t quite grasp what’s going on, but I’m intrigued as all hell! There’s a controlled demolition going on around me and I unexpectedly lock in my personal WHY for sorcery. In July I get one of my first knock-backs from the Daemonic after I ask them to solve a problem for me. I’m clearly told this is something I can solve myself. Of course I push back and ask for the bigger-picture ‘game-plan’ and thankfully get some principles and an outline.

In August I learn the power of integration, that elements are keys and discover a way to discern between my own voice and that of the Daemonic. I’m provided with more insight into illness and contagion which sets off another cascade of revelation. September I start exploring options to find a reliable communication tool to use with the Demonic. I’m looking for something foreign and unknown to my experience. Another #30DayChallenge drops a timely theme of ‘beginner’s mind’ and I start working with the Elder Futhark Runes.

While learning more about the principle of ‘Self at centre’, I realise while justice is often about fairness, it’s not necessarily equal. Along with Gordon’s member-based Sigil lessons, I understand the benefits of not resisting chaos as it happens, even as the controlled demolition ramps up and tests my resting game-face.

October brings more lessons of ‘Self at centre’, I set up an ancestral alter and learn that real power speaks ever so softly. I get a crash course in why advance notice is uncomfortable for most people and a long lasting question is finally answered – it really is all personal. During November and December, the combine harvester speeds up and the mother bins are in high demand!

In November I feel like an errant child with my hands slapped more often than not. I have a mortifying realisation about messages for the collective closely followed by an understanding just how beneficial it is to take a systematic approach to sorcery work. I learn what a solo mission looks like and have a powerful lesson in directionality. One very small 30watt globe goes on after I blurt out, ‘the shadow to entitlement is victimhood’ during a conversation about health and illness. I discover some answers to my own exhaustion after several high-intensity workings. This topsy-turvy month draws to close with some much needed refresher lessons of balance and new insights into the lexicon-of-the-body.

The combine harvesters hit overdrive in December when a third 30 Days Challenge becomes #30DaysofAgares as lessons of sorcery and directionality become daily occurrences. I experience a powerful 10 days of swords along with lessons from the Hanged Man perspective. I’m told my head has always been closer to the ground than my feet (which is true), as fresh lexicons throw strange bedfellows together. Notions of sovereignty start emerging wherever I look and I suspect will continue in 2018.  I learn of the reality of numen-ecology or complementary integrative change between worlds, and the Elements of illness and contagion have much more agency than we acknowledge.

The Daemonic round 2017 off with final lessons of balance and disentanglement that involve a tightrope, barking dogs and an Australia bush lagoon. In the final week of 2017, I sign up for ongoing Elder Futhark training and six months with Sorceress Cagliastro in 2018.

Within the last two months I have agreed to mentor a friend as he begins his journey with the spirits as he understands them, and it’s like watching a new-born colt struggle to its feet – a process which reminds me of my own beginnings.

31 December 2017