six things I’ve learnt from working with the Demonic

Six items that have been hard won, not gleaned from any other practitioner but dripped out of my own experience. 

1. Respect = Currency

Very early on in my interactions with the Demonic, I quickly realised that respect is the ultimate ‘currency’. As far as I know at this time, it’s the only thing that translates across the worlds.

This respect is not the ‘gee-whizz, you’re bigger, stronger, scarier, I’m scared‘ type of reaction. Nor is it the ‘kiss-ass I’m shuddering-in-my-boots-grovelling‘ caricature. The Demonic  – these ‘ancient beings replete with wisdom‘ can see through that nonsense a mile off. This relationship is not a game.

It’s an interaction with strong-willed energies who have been here long before this planet and will be in existence long after it’s gone.

Respect rises from ‘deep down things’ as recognition these are the ultimate original ancient beings, who have been maligned throughout centuries by humans. They can tell respect from bullshit.

I’ve learnt: Authentic respect always mainlines.

2. Ditch the explanation

Much of our interaction is about asking for stuff or as magicians/sorcerers, learning to manifest stuff. Spirits don’t care about your ‘why’.

As Gordon White of says:

“…the spirits don’t care why you want that raise. Don’t waste your time setting an intention like “I get a pay raise so I can pay for my brother’s medical bills…”

If you want a raise, you want a raise. Your reason or excuse is not going to get you any sympathy or cooperation from the Spirits.

It also means, when you get that raise, then what’s your plan to manage the extra cash, what’s the exchange for the outcome, what’s the parameters of the respect and will that be enough?

If you knew someone on the physical plane who could really pull the strings to ensure you had a raise at work of X dollars in Y days or weeks, we understand that they’re gonna want something in return, right? (If you really do know someone like this, they’re probably going to be easier to deal with than the demonic).

Same for the demonic. Do you know what that is, what it looks like, and what it’ll cost you in time and energy?  Loan sharks, fixers, or influencers, they’re going to extract their ‘pound of flesh’ for the favour.

I’ve learnt: Ditch the explanation or the narrative.

3. Keep the Cracks Open

If you wanted to learn French – who’s ideal to teach you? Your best friend also learning French or a native French speaker? One born and raised in the culture and language or someone, like you (aka a middle-man), learning it?

This is a principle centered around the human tendency to use ‘middle-men’ or to call on other humans (online and offline) for answers to questions about the Spirits.

Same goes for the Demonic. You have questions? They have answers.

As a practitioner in the craft I strive to ‘keep the cracks open’. This means – not answering every single question from those ‘new’ to the craft.

If a ‘newbie’ asks of the appropriate ‘smells-bells-flames-directions’ etc, for certain Spirit/Demonic etc, the reality is my answer will only ever be a pale reflection.

The general collective might say – Belial is in the North and should have a Gold Candle burning Frankincense.

Belial himself might tell you,

I’m in the South to you. Fire up a Purple Candle, and please burn some Sage.

Ask the Demonic First.  Directly. I’ve learnt to stop using ‘middle-men’ and stop being a ‘middle-man’. 

I ditched getting my answers from other humans a long long time ago. I realised it was time to take the risk and make the effort to ask directly.

These days I only use other humans as a ‘check in’, rather than an answer to the question. After I ask the demonic directly, occasionally I’ll check in with a fellow human being on the response I’ve got. I do this to check on ME, not the demonic.

I’ve learnt: Approach the Demonic directly.

4. Track it*

If it were not for my journals documenting my interactions with the Demonic, I would have abandoned this path much earlier on.

Just when I started to think ‘this is all in my head‘ or ‘there is nothing in this‘ or ‘I have had no real interactions or lasting message of any effect from the Demonic‘ – I’ve been able to track back through my journals.

The communication and detail is there. When I got track-able, date and time locate-able, I was overwhelmed by the evidence, the significant detail and relevance, the regularity and connection to aspects of my life and history, that Einstein could never have dreamt up. It’s been startling.

I’ve learnt: We humans need the written, track-able evidence of interaction and engagement.

Composite header image includes the Contraves-Goerz Kineto Tracking Mount (KTM) at  the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida used to track the NASA space Shuttle during launch ascent.

5. Your morals do not apply

The demonic are amoral. Neither moral or immoral.

Morality operates just fine in a place of right and wrong. The frame aka the ‘bigger picture’ that the demonic move and exist in, is outside our frame. A shark will equally take a swipe out of someone’s leg as their surfboard. Sharks aren’t moral. They don’t operate with our rationality or judgements. Neither do demons.

Unlike a fish however, the demonic might understand why you might be bothered or upset by the death of a friend from illness or accident.

As another practitioner has already said, they’re capable of finding amusement or fascination with someone who falls and sustains a cut because ‘the blood looked pretty on the rocks.‘* That’s not evil. That’s amorality.

By my standards that reaction could be anything from ‘odd’ or ‘cold’ to ‘sociopathic’. Again, using our standards to explain or understand their response is not going get me far. It’s easier on me to remember they operate on a different basis to me, which in turn opens up a much richer and nuanced understanding and engagement.

I’ve learnt: Morality is pale. Instead of morality, right/wrong, black/white, these days I reach for notions of Justice and Balance. Rhythm and Directionality.

6. Time well spent

The final principle in this short series is get regular. I’ll never get a six-pack by a single visit to the gym. The same principle goes for the Spirits.

‘Taking a crack at it’ or ‘giving it a shot’ won’t cut it. This is work for the long-haul. It’s going to take the rest of my life to master, to engage and to enter into a competency of interaction that lasts.

I’ve learnt, there’s no shortcuts to contact with the Spirits or the Demonic. As amoral ancient beings they have a fair idea how much time I have left in the carnate state and they don’t give a shit about my teeny, tiny boring little story. We’re either in it or not. There’s no ‘try’.

There’s no dabble. Dabblers get exactly what they’ve put in.

‘Given it a go’ and dropped out? I can only say good luck! Whatever you’ve said or done during that time remains binding. They have all the time to follow up on.

Consequences and responsibility.

* I think this is a comment from Sorceress Cagliastro.

16 December 2017