who am I in business with?

Life is all about contracts.  Not the legal kind – witnessed with a signature on paper. The unspoken ones, you’ve agreed to them easily and quickly using shared knowledge or experience, with others. These are the contracts, agreements you use or enter into each day.

They might have been as simple as exiting or entering a lift (who waits for others before entering, who pushes the buttons). A common one is entering doorways (who goes first, who holds the door or who slows down).

Any interactions between human beings or between humans and spirits (of all kinds) are about contracts. We form agreements. We upgrade them, sometimes down-grade them, or dissolve them. Like any friendship with a flesh-and-blood friend, any interactions with spirits, even if they’re demons, contracts are about relationship parameters. Boundaries, exchanges, fairness and obligations. Clarity and connection.

Friendship is full of contracts. From spending time with others (not only deciding on where and when but what we do together – is it coffee and Scrabble? or do we get naked and do the wild thing?, to the natural give and take of listening, laughing and sharing.

We all have a fairly good idea of the relationship agreements between ourselves and the people we spend time with. No written, documented contract needed.

You just know how your friendships work. When it’s too late to call or drop in, what you will or won’t do for each other, and you probably have a fairly good idea what will break the friendship beyond repair.

Like your flesh-and-blood relationships, contracts exist with the spirits, your guides, or the demonic. I’m not suggesting a detailed document covering all possible contingencies, (although a journal entry might be a good idea). Like anyone else, human or not, if a being wants to screw you over, they will regardless of your extensively drawn-up document on paper and ink, even in blood.

I am suggesting you spend regular time thinking through your contracts or agreements you have with your Entities. This can be extremely useful.

This entry was prompted by a post I recently made on a Facebook group. It was in response to a question about contracts or pacts with spirits. There I wrote:

“A few things to consider to the relationship parameters – time frame (how long does it last?), clarity of your role and clarity of Spirit’s role (agenda, outcome), what are the expectations coming into the arrangement (yours and Spirit), what are the benefits (yours and Spirit), what do you bring (provide) to the space and what do they provide (this goes to competency and capacity), and one of the most important, what is the item of value to be exchanged between you (mutuality of obligations)?

Note the energy entanglement (in any contract this will happen) and being aware of it is about developing your competency as a practitioner.”

After I pressed the ‘enter’ button, I quietly congratulated myself on how easily and quickly that rolled out. Then the other shoe dropped.

Oh yeah. That’s right. That took about 20 months to write.

A little over two years ago, I felt I had a strong opportunity for some quality working with a particular Spirit. Until that point, I felt confident I had a good grasp of contracts.

As I waited for other elements to resolve, I slowly realised three crucial elements were missing.

Capacity, capability and consideration.
Three very simple things I could have checked.

Instead I spent the better part of 20 months reviewing everything I’d ever learnt about contracts and agreements with the Spirits.

Just because the spirits bring a terrific opportunity and the contract looks good and reasonable, the onus is still on me to check it out. Yes, it could be a great opportunity. It might feel like a good fit and the connection might be genuine.

Like I suggested in a previous entry about the responsibility of the practitioner in babysitting not required.  This is not child’s play.  When the work gets tough, then what?

Time to develop a deeper competency as a practitioner.

Without those three little factors, who has your back?  The demonic don’t babysit.

Step up. Grow up. And check the contract.

Who are you in business with?

20 March 2017