babysitting not required

“The work of the lone practitioner is very hard…and truely puts you on the path of powerful magic. Nothing is done for you, you are not babysat through your training, and your path of work is something that comes from your choice alone…”
– Josephine McCarthy

I understand “to Know, to Will, to Dare“. In terms of doing this work, it’s the final one, ‘ to Keep Silent’, I often find myself going over.

The main one is the stuff of – to incubate the energy, to respect the formation stage, etc. Then I hear the blatant instruction which to my ears sounds a lot like – ‘shut the fuck up.’

I’ve been rapped over the knuckles in the past about this. Not by my fellow humans. They were only too willing to hear what I had to say and received it well. My less carnate colleagues were clearly not impressed. I understood this after an experience that underlined their expectations and one I definitely don’t want to repeat.

With anything I learn, I share easily and enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts on a subject and the process of talking it through. Not to mention all the feel-good stuff of connection and feeling understood and heard.

I can see sorcerers and magicians of all ilk have tended to ‘go cryptic’ when sharing their work. I’m also aware of other acquaintances who have shared their magical or sorcery workings and experiences because the spirits or demonic have asked or made conditions that they speak openly about the work or promote their name.

In today’s internet world where information is so readily shared online, I often question the relationship of ‘to keep silent’ as a practitioner. When the messaging is solid and still the spirits or demonic demand silence,  I wrestle with what that means practically.

It’s the stuff of the conflicting demands of humans and spirits – which can be intense. My questions of ‘what do I do with this?’ or ‘how do I judge who needs to hear this?’ or ‘so what now?…’

These times put me on the spot where my allegiances lay.

Where does the line “keep silent” sit? How does that play out in the physical world reality? Ultimately, the question comes down to whose reality do I privilege?

8 March 2017